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Don’t let your business be left behind by the AI revolution

Inject AI specialises in machine learning software solutions, building on the 25 years of experience of founder Dr. Jamie Sherrah. Based in Australia, the company provides services anywhere in the world.
Using the latest deep learning tech we are delivering value in a number of industries including fashion, agriculture, defence and consumer electronics. When building AI/ML systems, every situation is different. We find that broad and deep experience and knowledge is crucial to a successful outcome.

Machine Learning Services for Businesses

Product Development
Full development and productisation of machine learning applications, whether for desktop, cloud or embedded systems
Feasibility Studies and Prototyping
Research and development for your application with measurable outcomes
Scoping and Advice
Find opportunities where machine learning can unlock value in your data
Cloud deployment
Provide an overview on the existing cloud solutions relevant to your business, and assist with its configuration and deployment
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The application of AI and ML to your business is only limited by the imagination.

We have a very broad experience with all areas of machine learning, deep learning and computer vision - what people are currently calling “AI”.

Detection, segmentation, tracking, knowledge extraction and captioning.

Sentiment analysis, document classification, topic modelling, text analytics, chatbots, text summarisation

Speech and music processing and synthesis, text-to-speech, speech-to-text

Prediction and analytics, risk modelling

Customer data, demographics, customer preferences and behaivour, unstructured data

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What do people say about Inject AI

Inject AI is one of the few companies out there that has deep knowledge of the latest machine learning algorithms, and the ability to make them work solving real problems
Prof. Anton van den Hengel
Director of the Australian Institute for Machine Learning and Director of Applied Science at Amazon
Jamie has an amazing ability to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. Inject AI is my first point of call when somebody asks me about AI.
John Salerno
Managing Director of Dedicated Systems Australia Pty Ltd
Jamie Sherrah was incredible to work with, lead our whole R&D process, building models from scratch, and commercializing a complete solution with mobile apps and cloud services. He kept us out of rabbit holes and focused on methods that worked!
Ryan Smith

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